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Leadership, Management and Supervision


For a lot of us, the happy result of performing well as a member of a team at work is a promotion to a position where we are responsible for one. This can be a mixed experience.  


As you settle into your new role as a team leader, supervisor or manager, along with the pleasant increase in pay comes the sometimes unpleasant realisation that the skills you developed to do a great job in your previous role are not the same ones you need to manage other people. All of these packages are designed to help you fill that gap.

Managing Tricky Personalities

Handle interpersonal clashes in your team and get back to functional faster

Management and Supervision
"Need to Knows"
Core skills for managers and supervisors
Leading the Team you Manage
A manager's guide to power and influence and how to use them successfully 
Meetings that work
Chairing team meetings that aren't a waste of time
Outcome Management
Handling Performance and Underperformance
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