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Presentation and facilitation


The packages in this section all have one thing in common: they offer skills that are invaluable when working with groups.

In every other respect, they are quite different. 


Perhaps you need formal presentation skills that let you deliver dynamic and engaging material while managing the natural apprehension that everyone has when talking in front of a group. 


Maybe your challenge is in guiding group discussions in meetings, focus groups or conferences toward their intended goals without the "Herding Cats" experience that many often have


Or do you have trouble in either of those situations when someone in the group asks you that curly question that puts you on the spot and you need to respond in a way that inspires confidence, rather than giving the impression of blind panic!?


Whichever it is - look here for the answers.

Professional Presentations

Moving past nerves and presenting with impact

Facilitating Groups

Guiding group discussions towards their goals

Think on Your Feet®

Skills for all the times that you can't pause time!

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