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Professional Presentations - 4 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

To give a good presentation there are challenges to overcome and they vary from person to person.


For many, it's just surviving the experience without becoming a quivering wreck with poor motor function, soggy palms and a mouth like a desert cave. For some, it's avoiding unplanned rambles in the wilderness of their subject matter. For others, it's simply not slipping into the valley of the shadow of "death by PowerPoint".
This course is not just about overcoming those challenges but about planning and delivering presentations that make you proud and your audience glad they showed up. 

Who is it for?

Glossophobes, ramblers and competent presenters who know they can improve. In other words, anyone who would like to present well at work.

  • "Prior Preparation Prevents..." - Subject matter research and planning while avoiding over-prep

  • Know your Crowd - Making friends with your audience and meeting their needs

  • Training the butterflies - Short-term remedies and long-term habits for managing fear of public speaking

  • Answering questions - How to encourage questions from your audience and answer them the right way

  • Avoiding the three step shuffle - Figuring out what to do with your body and hands while you talk

  • Add power to your points - Using your slideshow for good, not evil

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