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Managing Tricky Personalities - 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

If there's one thing that has many managers and supervisors wonder if they really still want their position it's that most challenging part of the role: wrangling the "unique and interesting" collection of human beings they find themselves surrounded by and finding ways to communicate with them and bring out their best (or at the very least, not have their worst become an impediment to a harmonious and effective team!)

Who is it for?

The manager, supervisor or team leader who happens to be working with other human beings and would like some strategies for doing that well.

  • Common Personality Types and how to handle them best

  • The Power of Perspective - the highest skill of conflict managers

  • Finding the overlap between influence and concern

  • Distinguishing between performance and behavioural issues and managing both

  • The monkeys in our brains and how to wrangle them

  • How the right kind of listening beats any kind of talking

  • What assertive communication really looks like

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