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Leading the Team You Manage - 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

Not many managers take very long in their first supervisory role to realise that simply having the title "manager" does not guarantee that people will do as you ask or perform to the level you might wish.  If you are actually a leader, it means people have chosen to follow you. This package looks at how to increase your chance of being that person.

Who is it for?

Useful for existing Managers, Supervisors and Team leaders. Also worthwhile for anyone in an unofficial leadership position (i.e. everyone looks to you but you don't get paid for it!)

  • What is your Leadership Style?

  • What is your base of power?

  • How can you motivate the people in your team?

  • How do you influence Team Culture?

  • How can you communicate assertively for better results?

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