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The Skilled Communicator - 4 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

You've been communicating since you arrived in the world all those years ago, so what on earth could a training course teach you that you haven't already taught yourself? Perhaps, nothingBut if you don't always get the results you want when you interact with other people, it may have some powerful ways you can enhance your existing skills and give you a better chance of the outcomes you are looking for.

Who is it for?

English speaking humans who are interested in improving their communication skills for a happier, more productive working life.

  • Getting to the point - Delivering your package through the narrow window of their attention span

  • Building better arguments - a look at the structure of a logical argument and how to improve yours

  • The Zen of Listening - working on the most valued skill of great communicators

  • Asking the right questions - Adapting your interrogatives to circumstance

  • Perspective Pivoting - the crucial skill that gets around communication obstacles​​

  • Instructions that get results - Communication that directs action

  • Assertive communication - finding the sweet spot between aggression and passivity

  • Body language - the conversation, beneath the conversation, that happens whether you want it to or not!​​

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