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The Grammar Remedy - 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

It's been a while since school, hasn't it? And did you ever really learn grammar there anyway? ("Wait a moment! Should he have started that sentence with 'And' ?!").
Perhaps grammar shouldn't be that important in the modern workplace but for many it still is, and those people may include your boss or your customers.


This course is about answering some of those niggling doubts you have about the stuff you say and write at work and putting you on the path to understanding and improvement.

Who is it for?

Anyone who could use a bit more certainty about where to stick an apostrophe or a
semi-colon; wants to know whether they should use it's or its; choose between advice or advise; or just wants to build a little more grammar confidence in their speech and writing.

  • All the usual suspects - Getting to know the parts of speech in English and why it's useful knowledge. 

  • Punctuate like a pro - Colons, Semicolons, Commas etc. Making your mark the right way.

  • Spelling Bee - Looking at commonly confused words and tips for better spelling.

  • Don't get so tense - Better ways to express when something happens, has happened, or will happen.

  • Busting the Myths - Getting rid of the lingering "but my teacher/mum always told me..." doubts.

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