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The Art of Email - 2 x 2 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

Love it or hate it, email is in your life. It's the primary form of written communication in the workplace (and for many, their main form of workplace communication, period!).
This course draws from both our 2 day Effective Business Writing course and our 1 day Outlook for Efficiency course to give you a handy ½ day pill that will improve the effectiveness of the emails you write and help you more easily handle the deluge of emails coming at you from other people.

Who is it for?

People living in the 21st century.

  • Six Rules for emails that work - every time you send an email it's to achieve an outcome, follow these rules to increase the chance of getting the results you want.


  • Avoiding email faux pas - get clear on some of the not-so-obvious email etiquettes that will reduce the number of eye-rolls from your colleagues behind your back

  • Battling the tide - learn the "power user" tips in Microsoft Outlook that will let you control your incoming email instead of it controlling you

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