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Practical Procedures - 4 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

A common mistake in many businesses is the assumption that if a worker has carried out a task many times successfully and efficiently, they naturally will have the capacity to write a procedure for that task that anyone else can follow.  Unfortunately, all too often the reverse is true - a depth of experience in an area can often get in the way when making the crucial shift in perspective needed to write for "newbies".


This course is designed to help procedure writers overcome this impediment and give them the skills to write procedural and technical documents that really get used.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to create procedures, "how-tos", manuals, and other technical documents.

  • Do your prep - The research and preparation that makes for better results

  • Take aim! - Identifying your audience, stakeholders and objectives

  • Looking through their eyes - The crucial shift in perspective

  • Building Structure - Creating structure in your document so it works as a tool

  • Make sure they get it - Using language that people can really follow

  • "a thousand words" - The importance of imagery and diagrams

  • Future proofing - Naming and version control considerations

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