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Negotiation Skills - 4 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

Whether it's establishing the terms of a business contract, buying a rug at a market in Marrakesh or just deciding what variety of coffee pods the break area should have, negotiations take many forms in our lives. With plenty of room for practice, this packages introduces participants to the art of negotiation and strategies for increasing the chances of positive outcomes.

Who is it for?

Anyone whose role at work includes the need to negotiate with others: managers, team leaders and supervisors, sales and account managers, and project managers

Note: Due to its practical nature this course ideally needs a group size of 4 or more with even numbers of participants attending

  • What's your negotiation style? - And is it working?

  • Types of Negotiation - positional bargaining, integrative negotiation and when to choose each approach

  • Be Prepared - The questions to ask and answer before entering a negotiation

  • The Process - the phases of an effective negotiation

  • Communicate like a pro - Considering word choice, tone and body language in your negotiation

  • Dealing with Resistance - Countering uncooperative or underhanded negotiators 

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