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Mindfulness at Work - 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

Stress reduction, better mental focus, improved working memory, less emotional reactivity, enhanced conflict management abilities: the list of benefits that modern science has claimed for this ancient practice is long and growing.


This course introduces participants to the theory and practice of mindfulness and how to build it into your life with the minimum of fuss. No lotus positions or Om chants involved.

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like some of the benefits listed above. Including people who have started and stopped a mindfulness practice and would like to kickstart the habit and get tips for maintaining it in ways that are compatible with a busy working life.

  • Mindfulness Actually - What mindfulness is, and isn't.

  • What's all the fuss about? - Is it really that good?

  • Getting on with it - The process of mindful meditation

  • Am I doing it right? -  Removing preconceptions about what meditation "should" be

  • I just can't do it! - Overcoming obstacles in your practice

  • The Zen of washing up - Options for mindfulness in daily life

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