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Handling Tricky Personalities - 4 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

"It would be so much easier to do my job if it wasn't for certain people I have to deal with" - this and comments like it are why this course exists.


Interpersonal conflict in the workplace can be one of the greatest impediments to productivity to say nothing of the toll it takes on individuals in the form of stress, anxiety or outright annoyance. With a look at the roots of such conflicts, and practical steps you can take to ameliorate them, this course is a great alternative to stress leave - or maybe something you can do in that time off :-)

Who is it for?

All are welcome in this course: anyone regularly interacting with people whose personality they find tricky at work and anyone who may be insightful enough to suspect they might have the tricky personality that other people are finding challenging!

  • What makes a Personality Tricky for you? - Different default settings that create interpersonal conflict

  • Between Control and Concern - The potent distinction that can reduce stress and increase effectiveness

  • Assertive Communication - What it really looks like and building your skills

  • Perspective Pivoting - The highest skill of conflict managers

  • Mind your Meerkat - Brain function as it relates to stress and conflict and how to use the knowledge

  • The Right Kind of Listening - How it beats any kind of talking and how to do it

  • Beyond Conflict - defining workplace harassment and bullying and what you can do if you face it

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