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Managing your Mind - 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

In successful, well-informed businesses around the world, Emotional Intelligence has long since stopped being an afterthought or "nice to have", solely the domain of the "Touchy Feely" brigade. 


This course allows participants to discover for themselves why building EI competencies like self-awareness and empathy will have a direct impact on their personal effectiveness and that of their team or organisation. All without any trust-falls, group hugs or primal screams.

Who is it for?

Managers, supervisors, team leaders, team members and lone-wolf I.T. nerds in sector 7G. In short, anyone with a pre-frontal cortex who'd like to use it in a positive way.

  • What is EI? - What it actually means to be emotionally intelligent

  • The big 4 - An introduction to the four domains of Emotional Intelligence

  • Where are you now? - Analysing your own strengths and weaknesses

  • Building Self Awareness - Becoming more aware of your emotions

  • Responding not Reacting - Reducing the impact of negative emotion

  • Minding your Meerkat - understanding the role of the emotional sentinel

  • Perspective Pivoting - Understanding others in a whole new way

  • Listen to hear/Speak to be heard - Assertive communication and listening skills that work

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