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Effective Business Writing - 4 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

Whether it's a report, a letter, a memo or an email, the perennial challenge of writing business documents is balance: writing with a professional tone but not ending up with the kind of "officialese" that has readers bored and alienated; being concise but not so brief that important meaning is lost; making your writing approachable without "dumbing it down".  


This course is about finding that balance in writing and recognising that every document you write, however complex or simple, is a tool designed to achieve certain aims, not just another document for its own sake.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has experienced the horror and indecision of the blank page or the mild humiliation of constantly having your writing drastically edited by someone else.  
In short - anyone who would like to write effective business documents.

  • The holy trinity - three crucial questions that should drive every document you write

  • Following the path - a reliable process that takes the guesswork out of creating business documents

  • Plain English - What it really is and how to achieve it

  • Finesse your email - the 6 rules for truly effective email communication

  • Stop being so passive! - understanding the formula for the active voice and why you should be using it

  • Punctuation demystified - the real purpose of all those little marks and how to use them

  • Editing and Proofing like a pro - applying the tricks of publishing professionals to your writing

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