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Building Resilience - 2 x 3 Hour Sessions

What's it all about?

Busy, busy, busy! Stress, stress, stress! If national alcohol and coffee consumption figures are anything to go by, it's not easy living and working in the modern world.


Some people though, seem to deal with the stress and hustle-bustle a little more smoothly than others and even bounce back from big setbacks and derailments better. What's the secret formula? Discover the fundamental principles common to resilient people and how to build them into your life.

Who is it for?

People with big lives and challenging jobs who want to manage them positively.

  • What is Resilience Anyway? - An introduction to the concept

  • Introducing PERMA - Martin Seligman's well-being theory

  • Where are you now? - Analysing your current strengths and weaknesses

  • The road to resilience - Tools, techniques and habits for better life-proofing

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